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Automatic Currency Conversion

Automatic detection of your visitors country and currency. Your existing webpages and shopping cart are automatically scanned and prices are detected and converted completely automatically. They are converted into the correct currency for the visitor of your website. For instance you are reading this from: () and so we know your currency!
All currencies are called from our servers which are kept up to date every 8 hours - so your prices will also reflect the current market rate.

Click on the price to change your currency

Select a page currency from the drop down list

Select a page currency by clicking on a flag

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Full International Toolbox

Auto Detection

Detect the country and currency of visitors to your website (geolocation)

Auto Page Scan

Scan your webpages as they load and display an up to date currency conversion alongside any prices found!

Popup Converter

If you don't want your prices automatically converted on your page, or if you have lots of different base currencies you might prefer to use our fantastic currency converter CLICK ME!
All currencies are called from our servers which are kept up to date every 8 hours - so your prices will also reflect the current market rate.

You can modify the Popup and Static Currency Converter text and colors to match your site.

World Flags

Easily integrate the national flag of your websites visitors into your pages, to make them feel welcome and to assure them that you do business with their country. Three sizes of flag are available and can be inserted anywhere on your site - they will change to the correct flag of your visitor! i.e. You are from:

Country Specific Text

Generate massive sales confidence by displaying custom message to any or all countries of the world!

This powerful feature can really make your visitor feel at home and confident in your site. You can provide a block of text (or html code) that is specifically tailored for visitors from specific countries. You could use this to welcome people with a topical greeting - Welcome to our site from Sunny Spain, we ship by airmail to Germany for just $29.95. Etc. Country names and flags can easily be included in the message.

Display the correct telephone number, based on country

A really useful thing to do with this tool is display the correct dialling information for clients wishing to telephone you from around the world. You can't dial a 1.800 number from outside the US or phone an 0800 number from outside the UK. Show the correct number to dial for your visitors based on their country. If you have offices around the world, show the details of the nearest office at the top of the list.

Country Name

Simple to display the country name of your website visitors into your pages

You are from:

Integrate with your own fonts, colors and design