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3. Country Text

Once you get your head around this powerful feature you can really make your visitor feel at home and confident in your site.

You can provide a block of text (or html code) that is SPECIFICALLY tailored for visitors from specific countries. 

Assuming your web page has the Script Tag link (see Setup Menu) inserted correctly at the bottom of the page all you need to do to access the Country Text feature of the system is add one extra piece of HTML to your page, where you would like the text or html to appear:

<SPAN id=countrytext></SPAN>

The above span tag will be automatically found by our system and replaced with the correct text for your website visitor.

3.1 Country Specific Text

To use this option enter text or valid HTML in the text box to the left and select the countries that you wish this text to be displayed for from the list on the right (use the CTRL Key to select more than one item, or to select ALL the items and remove individual items as in figure 3.1 select AFGHANISTAN then scroll down to ZIMBABWE and select it whilst holding the SHIFT key down. You can then DESELECT items by clicking them whilst using the CTRL key.

You can combine this tool with our country name and country flag tools (with or without using them independently) by adding placeholders within your text.

Available Placeholders:



Take a look at figure 3.1 below.

Figure 3.1 Country Specific Text.

Figure 3.1 Country Specific Text.

The settings in figure 3.1 have been configured with a powerful, but simple object in mind.

If a visitor based in the United States views your website then where you put the code: <SPAN id=countrytext></SPAN> will be replaced with the following: (notice the demo use of HTML with the <b> for BOLD)

We are based in the USA. Shipping in the US is FREE!

If another visitor is viewing your website at exactly the same time but they are based in the United Kingdom they will see this:

We are based in the USA but we ship to: United Kingdom by UPS.

In fact EVERY country other than the United States and the US Outlying Islands have been selected, so anyone from anywhere in the world OTHER than the US will see the UPS message. All visitors from the US will see the FREE shipping message.

This is a very simple example, the only limit to this tool is your imagination.

3.2 Default Country Text

Figure 3.2 Default Country Text.

Figure 3.2 Default Country Text.

From time to time (less than 0.2%) our system is unable to recognise the geographic location of an IP address and therefore we are unable to determine which country a visitor is from.

The Default Text is a way of handling that situation. If your visitors location cannot be determined the <SPAN id=countrytext></SPAN> will be replaced with the html or text contents of the Default Text box in figure 3.2

For instance if a visitor to your website arrived and our system was unable to determine their location, the follow result would take place (assuming you had set up the system as per figures 3.1 and 3.2):

All shipping within the US is FREE. We ship to the rest of the world by UPS.

Notice that we don't use the **countryname** or **largeflag** within the Default Text, because we are unable to determine their Country.

Remember: These are just examples, it doesn't have to be shipping costs. You might want to ensure the visitors closest telephone contact number appears at the top of a list if you have offices all over the world, or perhaps you'd like to show specific products to different markets (snow boots to Norway and Sun hats to Mexico!). Anything you can code in HTML can be used. If you create something you think is an interesting use - let us know!