User Guide

1.2 Fast Start Guide

The Fast Start Guide - the very least you need to read to get the system working on your website.

1.3 Automatic Page Scanning and Conversion

We highly recommend creating a new page in your website (for instance 'ycctest.htm') to test all features and get them working before pasting the code into your main pages.

Five quick steps to get your page using Auto Scan:

1) Log into Client Area.
2) Enter your domains into the 'Domains' text field.
3) Select the currency that your site uses using the 'Currency' drop down.
4) Save your changes.
5) Copy and paste the script tag at the base of the Setup page into your web page.

That's it!

1.3 Testing on your site

You can test your pages by amending the spoofCountry parameter (currently set to XX) in the querystring that you put on your page that links back to us i.e. SRC=// this would display your page as if the user was in Great Britain.
REMEMBER!: Always put it back to XX after you have finished testing - otherwise all visitors will be assumed to be from the country you have set.

For a full list of supported spoofCountry parameters please click here

Using Converter Boxes, Popup Converters, Country Text, Flags and other features...

To use any other feature of please see the relevant pages within this guide.